There was an advertisement on TV years ago, maybe an American or Euopean ad, that had directly been translated into Turkish. I don’t even remember the product – perfume, shampoo? It promoted some bohemian life-style, where there was this young man. The voice over said: when was the last time you packed up a random bag and went to the airport, without knowing where to fly? Just go to the airport and go to a random country and let life blah blah blah. There has been a silent resentment among the viewers, I remember. Everyone was thinking – but how will he get Visa?? That takes weeks? And maybe they won’t grant it to him?

That feeling of resentment as the world belongs to Europeans, Americans, but not to us. Even if we both have money and a plane ticket.

We say in Turkish: “İt ite, it kuyruğuna”.

Literally, it means: Dog to dog, dog to its own tail.

Meaning: The larger dog barks to the smaller dog , until the smallest one at the very end of the line barks to its own tail.