What does AZIMUT 360 / AIGUASOL do?

Azimut 360 is a non-profit cooperative specialised in engineering and implementation of solar photovoltaic installations, both in Spain and abroad. Azimut 360’s main activities include project execution, site management, installation and maintenance, training services for users and engineers, and energy consulting. We are highly specialised in rural electrification projects with micro-grids, and in health and energy projects (guaranteeing access to health by guaranteeing access to energy). For its part, Aiguasol is an energy consulting cooperative with an international reach, focused on creating outstanding systems, processes and indoor and outdoor spaces that are comfortable, efficient and have a positive environmental impact. Through the use of advanced tools, R&D and field expertise in engineering projects, Aiguasol is able to offer high value-added energy consultancy services.

What strategy have you followed for internationalising in sub-Saharan Africa?

Firstly, creating links and partnerships with local entities and organisations has been essential for staying in the sub-Saharan market. When undertaking any international project, we cooperate with regional experts and/or other institutions that have a solid background of experience in the region. Sometimes there are difficulties, due to distance and the obvious cultural differences, but it is the only way to guarantee the project’s success. In this way, we create an increasingly robust and effective international network of partners to undertake more ambitious projects in the future. It is also important to have a high level of knowledge of the market and to have a team that can bring strong experience in the sector and in the region.

What is your experience in this region?

Azimut 360 and Aiguasol have experience in carrying out different activities in the sub-Saharan region, always related with energy access, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Some of the countries where we work most include Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda and Gambia, among others. Some of the most important activities include the development of local technical and management capacity, engineering consultancy for regional authorities, bodies or institutions, feasibility studies and management of projects with a high level of technical complexity and socioeconomic impact, and collaboration in research and development projects.

What would you highlight about the African market?

In sub-Saharan Africa, access to energy is often scarce or very low quality, particularly in rural areas. The problems that our customers in the African market try to solve are completely different from those of a national or European market: frequent power cuts and low quality of electricity supplied by the grid, access to public lighting, access to electricity for community facilities and public services (hospitals, schools), for water access and purification, or for the electrification of remote communities. Electrification based on renewable solutions enables replacement of domestic use of fuels that cause health problems, among others. The risks we encounter in the sub-Saharan market are also specific to the region, including logistics issues, security, lack of local capacity, services, etc.

Azimut 360 / Aiguasol

Azimut 360 is an engineering company specialized in developing and implementing renewable energy projects, on the field of generation, distribution and management of the energy. Its team, with over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, has been involved in emblematic and reference projects in the field of grid‐connected photovoltaic systems and stand‐alone rural electrification systems, aswell as in national and international cooperation projects. Azimut 360 has also deveoped numerous training courses and sensibilisation campaigns, and participated in research and development projects related to renewable energy.