Janna Thompson believes that communitarianism ought not to be regarded as a philosophical enemy of cosmopolitanism simply to reject and dismiss it out of hand. Communitarians expose the weaknesses of the liberal position, weaknesses that become all the more evident when liberal ideas on welfare and democracy become cosmopolitan goals. Communitarians ask the crucial question about what makes a political society possible, a question that cannot be ignored by the defenders of transnational democracy

This article forms part of issue 11 of the IDEES magazine, “The communitarian alternative”, published in print format between July and September 2001. The PDF article is available to download in Catalan below.


Janna Thompson

Janna Thompson és experta en filosofia política. Va ser professora a la Universitat La Trobe de Melbourne. Va estudiar filosofia a la Universitat d’Oxford i anys més tard va ser professora visitant a la càtedra Humphrey en Feminisme Modern a la Universitat de Waterloo, al Canadà. Thompson és especialista en ètica del medi ambient, feminisme, justícia global i comunitarisme. Va guanyar el premi Eureka Prize for Research in Ethics al 2006 pel seu llibre Taking Responsability for the Past: Reparation and Historical Injustice (2002). També ha escrit altres llibres com Discourse and Knowledge: Defense of a Collectivist Ethics (1998) i Intergenerational Justice: Rights and Responsabilities in an Intergenerational Polity (2009).