The visibility of artistic and creative men and women in cultural spaces varies significantly depending on the type of space: a large auditorium is not the same as a civic centre. In Barcelona, where it has been possible to identify these differences, there is a clear hierarchy: women are most represented in the least prestigious spaces, with the lowest funding and those most related to everyday life, such as civic centres and libraries. Meanwhile, men overwhelmingly dominate in the most prestigious and best financed venues, such as large auditoria and theatres.

For more information on the lack of visibility of professional women on the Catalan cultural scene, see @onsonlesdones, @donam_escena and


Observatori iQ

iQ és una cooperativa que vol contribuir a la innovació social en favor de l'equitat de gènere. Realitza l'Observatori iQ, on es mostren dades estadístiques sobre les diferències i desigualtats d’homes i dones en diferents àmbits de la vida quotidiana a Catalunya. L'equip està format per professionals amb perfils diversos i està dirigit per la politòloga Maria de la Fuente.