The majority of foreign-born residents in Catalonia come from within Europe, representing one third of all immigrants. In Barcelona, they account for almost four in every ten. Africa and the Americas account for a quarter of foreign-born residents in Catalonia, while Asia and Oceania together account for 15%.

Despite the common perceptions of native people, men and women migrate in similar numbers. In terms of sex and place of origin, European women form the largest group of immigrants in Catalonia, followed by European men, African men and American women. The smallest groups are African women, American men, Asian men and Asian women. In Barcelona, the proportion of people of African origin is much lower than other groups (also in comparison with Catalonia). Among migrants from the Americas, however, women clearly predominate.

The figures show migration patterns vary according to the economic conditions in the destination country and gender norms in the countries of origin and destination. In the case of Catalonia, segregated demand for certain jobs affects where male and female workers migrate from.


Observatori iQ

iQ is a cooperative that seeks to contribute to social innovation in favor of gender equality. The cooperative offers the iQ Observatory, a platform that delivers statistical data on the differences and inequalities between men and women in different areas of everyday life in Catalonia. iQ team is made up of professionals with several profiles and is led by the political scientist Maria de la Fuente.