Marriages between men and women account for 96.5% of the total, with the remaining 3.5% being same-sex marriages (507 between men and 523 between women in 2017). The opposite-sex marriage rate fell in recent years, with a sharp drop following the start of the recession in 2009. The rate has recovered slightly since 2014.

Marriages between men took off in the first years after legalisation (2005 and 2006), but then dropped over the following decade until 2015, when the numbers began to go up again. Marriages between women, however, seem to be less linked to the economic climate, increasing gradually and constantly. In 2005 they accounted for one third of same-sex marriages, but by 2017 over 50% were between women.

Note: *From 3 July, when Law 13/2005 came into force.


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