Being a parent requires energy, work and money. The figures on part-time work show how this responsibility is unevenly spread between men and women. In Europe, three times more women than men have part-time jobs, and this gap widens worryingly when children arrive. Paradoxically, the number of men in part-time work tends to shrink (albeit only slightly) when they become parents, widening the disparity in pay and family responsibilities.

The figures support our understanding of motherhood as a key factor in pushing women into economic precariousness, due to the uneven distribution of paid work and unpaid household work.


Observatori iQ

iQ is a cooperative that seeks to contribute to social innovation in favor of gender equality. The cooperative offers the iQ Observatory, a platform that delivers statistical data on the differences and inequalities between men and women in different areas of everyday life in Catalonia. iQ team is made up of professionals with several profiles and is led by the political scientist Maria de la Fuente.