Half of all women, in particular young women, state that they have been the victim of sexual aggression, including obscene comments, exhibitionism, touching, harassment and rape. The majority of perpetrators are men who are not the woman’s partner or ex-partner. To tackle this, it is useful to know where such aggression commonly takes place.

The last Gender violence survey revealed that public spaces, such as streets and squares, and, above all, places of leisure and entertainment, are the most common locations for sexual assaults. The workplace and academic spaces also feature, despite the existence for many years of protocols and policies to make such spaces safe. The figures show that these are not achieving their aim.


Observatori iQ

iQ is a cooperative that seeks to contribute to social innovation in favor of gender equality. The cooperative offers the iQ Observatory, a platform that delivers statistical data on the differences and inequalities between men and women in different areas of everyday life in Catalonia. iQ team is made up of professionals with several profiles and is led by the political scientist Maria de la Fuente.