There is currently a clear segregation between the subjects young men and women are choosing to study. This segregation, which stems from the choices made in adolescence and the socialisation taking place long before that, is then transferred to the labour market, with significant pay gaps between sectors. This explains why engineering and architecture are predominantly masculine fields, sciences are evenly split between men and women, while the social sciences and law, arts and humanities and health sciences are predominantly feminine fields.

This segregation is common around the world, with similar proportions in Catalonia and the European Union, but is less notable in technical studies and socio-legal sciences.


Observatori iQ

iQ is a cooperative that seeks to contribute to social innovation in favor of gender equality. The cooperative offers the iQ Observatory, a platform that delivers statistical data on the differences and inequalities between men and women in different areas of everyday life in Catalonia. iQ team is made up of professionals with several profiles and is led by the political scientist Maria de la Fuente.