We often believe that household chores are nowadays shared equally among young couples. The figures however, do not reflect this optimism: over 60% of men under 35 who live with a partner state that they are not solely responsible for any domestic chore, 25% more than women of this age. At the other extreme, the percentage of young women who state that they are exclusively responsible for between three and five domestic chores is over five times higher than the number of men stating that they do this much work.

We can, therefore, deduce that domestic chores are only evenly distributed in 36% to 40% of young households.


Observatori iQ

iQ is a cooperative that seeks to contribute to social innovation in favor of gender equality. The cooperative offers the iQ Observatory, a platform that delivers statistical data on the differences and inequalities between men and women in different areas of everyday life in Catalonia. iQ team is made up of professionals with several profiles and is led by the political scientist Maria de la Fuente.